Our Instructors are Certified by:
We now have a wide selection of Wildfire & Creo Mentoring Manuals for
everything in Design and Manufacturing from 2-6 axis CNC Machines
GMIC employees (total), have over 150 years experience in the Manufacturing and Design Industries. GMIC's instructors are PTC University
Certified teaching classes such as
Creating Milling Sequences and many others.

GMIC has a library of more than 600 supported Post Processors that have been written over the past 20 years for PTC and their customers.
All our Post Processors are
FREE (when customized onsite to give "Edit Free" tape output)

  • Manufacturing & Design Instruction in PTC Certified Classes
  • Manufacturing  & Design Mentoring using Customer Parts/Files
  • Post Processor Creation
  • Post Processor Modification to give "Edit-Free" tape files
  • Onsite -or- Offsite Toolpath Development
  • "How To" Video Tutorials for Wildfire and Creo Instruction
  • Manufacturing Demo's in Pro/Engineer
  • Teach / Consult using the Internet for Online visits (saving you the travel costs)
Manufacturing Instruction and Consulting
using Pro/Engineer Software
Wildfire & Creo
GMIC Offers Certified PTC Classes Onsite or Online

With 30 licensed Laptops - We can teach anywhere
Since 2008, GMIC, LLC. is and has been a Supporter of:
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8 - Jan - 19
            GMIC, LLC wants to Thank our Veterans !!!

GMIC, LLC is partnering with the South Lyon VFW Post to offer Creo Classes to ANY Veteran (or spouce of a Veteran) at an 80%
discount from PTC's srp. We will offer a full gambit of certified courses taught by certified PTC instructors. Simply select the
"Veterans" tab from the left to go to the registration page.

Also, we are looking for more sponsors to help lower the cost for these classes to our Veterans ... if you're interested in helping
our Veterans -or- looking to hire a Veteran that has already taken a certified PTC class. Please send us an email at:


Thank you

... And Not forgetting our PTC customers ...

          All customer employees that are also a US Veteran, will receive any class at the same 80% discount.
( 80% discount only applies when registering as a per student rate - not the daily rate)